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Spell Casters Set 1
illustrated by
William McAusland

product number: OLASP1

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Title: Wizard, white robes and staff Client: Outland Arts
Medium: Ink Published Product: Fantasy Clip inks Spell casters set 1

Copyright 2019 William McAusland. All rights reserved. contact the artist at wm@mcauslandstudios.com

Keywords: Wizard, necromancer spell caster, spell, magic, magic user, magician, NPC, Fantasy Art, freelance, fantasy art, gaming art,  Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, d20, pencil, ink, illustration, art, acrylic painting, digital art, CG Art, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, Mythic Overlords, Fantasy Clip Inks, illustrator, illustration, gaming, RPGs, hobby, tabletop gaming, dice, William McAusland, portfolio, online, local, art, WM,