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Title: Secrets, Elf maiden and Mindflayer Client: Goodman Games
Medium: Ink Published Product: Underdark Adventure Guide

Copyright 2019 William McAusland. All rights reserved. contact the artist at wm@mcauslandstudios.comKeywords:   fantasy art, Role-Playing Game, Science fiction, SF, warriors, armour, armor, RPG, William McAusland, WM,  adventure, tabletop, independent RPG, indie-press, sample, example, portfolio, preview, showing, show, present, style, freelance artist, commission, for hire, Kamloops gamer, Kamloops gaming, mccausland, ausland, osland, mckausland, mkausland, mcauslan, scott mcausland, books, fiction, story, stories, comic, comics, graphic novels, concept art, mindflayer, elf, hide, hiding, sneak, sneaking, spy, spying, espionage, dagger, ink, mind, flayer, monster, villain, evil, humanoid