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Assembly Instructions:

► Print them out on heavier inkjet friendly card stock.

► Cut them out with scissors or small utility knife and ruler.

► Gently fold them along each line and each tab, using a ruler as well as along the edge of a desk.

►   Use white glue to glue the tabs under the adjoining spot after first testing your folds and getting an idea of how the contraption fits together. The d20 is obviously more of a challenge than the d6.

Note from the artist: I was skeptical about being able to first assemble these things, and then roll them like the real plastic polyhedron dice used in tabletop RPGs and board games. Any doubts soon left me as I was able to cut and glue each in between 5 and 10 minutes. The d20, which I started with 'cause it was the hardest, of course,  looked great and I found that it rolled just like the real thing, but needs a lot more room to get a truly random result. These would be great for doing a demo at a convention or when the game master needs to make an important room at a full table of gamers, so all can see the fatal toss.

Enjoy. I plan to create some more sets in the coming months and will post them here.

Will McAusland
September 26 2007


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