The Mutant Epoch RPG
Quick Start Rules

120 pages
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The Mutant Epoch RPG Quick Start Rules includes everything you need to truly test drive the Outland System Game mechanic and explore the astounding, richly supported, freak filled post-apocalyptic universe of The Mutant Epoch. Included in this book are a rich sampling of mutations, skills and cybernetic implants, along with three character types: Pure stock humans, mutants and cyborgs, plus ten creatures, ten relics and basic easy to learn rules. Also included is a brief sampling of the town of Sandbarra from the Crossroads Region Gazetteer, along with a 42 page entry level adventure called Muddy Mayhem.

     We've presented 96 illustrations from the original hub rules book, 4 inks and 2 maps from the Crossroads Gazetteer, and produced 49 all new illustrations, a cover image, 3 player handouts and 5 maps for the low rank, yet highly challenging adventure. 




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