The hemorrhage of cash, money squandered instead of invested, can only be corrected with conscious effort. Here, a solitary figure pursues winged dollars in a spirited attempt to gain control of his finances.

Title: Budget Control by William McAusland

Medium: Acrylic on textured paper,  mounted on board,
10" tall by 8" wide


Client: available stock image

Project:  Stock Image

Art Director: self directed



Keywords:  american, background, bank, big, bills, business, buy, cash, change, clean, cold, concept, currency, design, dollar, falling, fast, finance, financial, flow, flying, game, green, group, home, hundred, idea, investment, isolated, large, money, motion, notes, objects, one, over, paper, prosperity, roll, save, savings, success, thousand, up, us, wealth, white, work, businessman, man, runner, running, jogging, chasing, net, gold, golden, blue sky, illustration, art, William McAusland, Kamloops, Interior, British Columbia

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