Title: Challenges of Globalization

Medium: acrylics on illustration board  8 x10"

Client: Weichert Relocation /
The Star Group

Project:  interior illustration for Fall issue of Viewpoint Magazine

Art Director: Graphic Designer   Maria DiLeo


Keywords: globe, earth, planet, sunrise, online, screen, digital, monitor, display, screen, computer, desktop, Mac, PC, abstract, night, nighttime, hills, grass, boss, business, businessman, businessmen, businesspeople, career, concept, confident, corporate,  crowd, diversity, dream, elegant, executive, expression, female, friendly,  group, growth, handsome, idea, isolated, male, manager, men, moving, people, person, piece, playing, secretary, smart,  solution, staff, success, team, teamwork, white, woman, women, work, worker, , houses, homes, home, house, housing, relocation, illustration, art, painting, image, imagery, McAusland, Kamloops, British, Columbia, Canada, New Jersey illustrator, USA client

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