Title: Free Trade::  Canadian and United States flag union by William McAusland

Medium: Acrylic on textured paper laminated to  board.

Client: available stock image

Project:  Stock Image

Art Director: self directed





Keywords: accurate, artwork, banner, blue, business, canada, canadian, celebration, cloth, color, colour, concept, country, drawing, fabric, flag, flying, graphic, icon, illustration, isolated, leaf, macro, nation, national, nationality, north, painting, patriotism, proportional, red, reflection, scale, shadow, sign, spangled, stars, states, stripes, symbol, texture, travel, united, vector, wave, waving, white, world, america, american, background, banner, blue, celebration, color, country, democracy, election, emblem, flag, flying, fourth, freedom, glory, government, holiday, icon, illustration, independence, isolated, july, liberty, military, nation, national, old, patriot, patriotic, patriotism, pride, proud, red, sign, stars, states, stripes, symbol, symbolic, union, united, us, usa, vector, wave, waving, white, wind, world, William McAusland illustration studio, studios, Kamloops, BC, B.C., British Columbia, Thompson-Okanagan, Canada, Vancouver, Victoria, Freelance artist, art, illustrator, for hire, hand and digital image, imagery, images, pictures,

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