Murfield house Illustration
by William McAusland
acrylic and digital
8 x10"
Client: Sun Rivers Development Corporation, Kamloops British Columbia

Art Director: Leslie Brochu- director of
marketing & public
relations [250].828-9989

Usage: Print ad for new community housing design.


Client: available sock image

Project:  Stock Image

Art Director: self directed



Keywords: suburb, blue sky,  British Columbia,  building,  building (structure),  Canada,  Canadian,  clear sky,  community,  conformity,  day,  deserted,  exterior,  grass,  home,  home sweet home,  house,  housing,  identical,  Kamloops,  lawn,  middle class,  neighborhood,  nobody,  North America,  paved,  paved road,  quiet,  real estate,  realty,  residential,  road,  row,  side by side,  sidewalk,  sky,  street,  subdivision,  suburbia,  urban sprawl,  West Coast,  yard neighborhood, , William McAusland illustration studio, studios, Kamloops, BC, B.C., British Columbia, Thompson-Okanagan, Canada, Vancouver, Victoria, Freelance artist, art, illustrator, for hire, hand and digital image, imagery, images, pictures,

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