Title: Snowman with Gifts ink version by William McAusland

Medium: ink on paper.

Client: available stock image

Project:  Stock Image

Art Director: self directed


Keywords: ink, stars, waving, line, pen, gifts, presents, giving, surprise, Santa'' sleigh, reindeer,  waving to Santa, stock image, son, city, waving, greeting card, Xmas, Christmas time, gift card, outdoors,  quaint,  scarf,  season, secluded,  snow,  snowman,   trees,  weather,   winter,  celebrating,  celebrations,  clear sky,  close-up,  cold, festival, frozen,  fun,  happy,  hat,  holiday,  humorous,  sky,  snow,  snowman,  special occasion,  stick,  top hat,  twig,  winter,  winter clothing, Christmas,  cool color,  decoration,  dusk,  evening,  exterior, festival,  glowing,  holiday,  holidays,  lit, night,    snow,  snow covered,  special occasion,   winter,

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