Stock Image Code: a3502s1027
Title: Buried in Work (Need a temp?)
by William McAusland

Medium: Acrylic on textured board.

27.2mb download size
300 dpi Tiff file
3300 pixels wide by 2881 pixels high
11" wide by 9.603" tall

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 Stock Image Usage License 1.1 / February 2018

Unlimited print or digital use except for coloring books, resale as clip or stock imagery or whereby the image is applied to products for resale without being used in conjunction with typography or other graphic elements. 

For example, A a buyer cannot put this image on a t-shirt or mug, or sell this image as prints or posters unless it is part of a sign or product publication or graphic in conjunction with typography and other graphic elements. 

Proper uses of this image include being imagery for a book cover, logo, business card, event poster, web site graphic or spot illustration to accompany an article or story. If you have any questions about allowable usage rights, email the artists at

 The artist grants buyers the right to crop, modify, merge, flip or otherwise modify this image for use in print or web publication, but again, not for resale as a stock image, coloring book image, poster, T-shirt or other 'artwork' unless it is part of a text heavy final image. A T-shirt or poster of an author's book cover, with this art as its cover, is perfectly fine.


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