Title: The Golden Scales

Medium: acrylics on illustration board
9 x12"


Client: Weichert Relocation / The Star Group

Project:  Cover illustration for Fall issue of Viewpoint Magazine

Art Director: Graphic Designer   Maria DiLeo


city, cities, hills, grass, antique, authority, balance, barrister, brass, bronze,  concept, conceptual,  decision, equilibrium, fairness, finance, government, honesty,  impartial, judge, judgment, measure, measurement, opinion, scale, scales, symbol, system, tool, verdict, weigh, weight, boss, business, businessman, businessmen, businesspeople, career, concept, confident, corporate,  crowd, diversity, dream, elegant, executive, expression, female, friendly,  group, growth, handsome, idea, isolated, male, manager, men, moving, people, person, piece, playing, secretary, smart,  solution, staff, success, team, teamwork, white, woman, women, work, worker, , houses, homes, home, house, housing, relocation, illustration, art, painting, image, imagery,

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