Title: What would you do?
Lino print style art
by William McAusland

Medium: Digital and ink


Client: Scholastic Canada Ltd.

Project:  Learn to be an Art Director/ Moving Up with Literacy Place 4-6 Written by Laura Peetoom

Art Director: Art Director (Education) Noel Upfield at Scholastic Canada Ltd.

Keywords: ink, lino print, digital, accident, Asian, black, African-Canadian, African American, person of color, first aid, help, sidewalk, suburbia, oils, oil paint, digital, action, active, beautiful, bicycle, bike, biking, blue, blur, competitor, cycle, cycling, exercise, extreme, female, forest, frame, free, fun, funny, girl, grass, green, health, healthy, helmet, isolated, landscape, leisure, male, man, mountain, mountainbike, mtb, nature, off, outdoor, outdoors, race, recreation, relaxation, road, sky, smile, speed, sport, sports, summer, weekend, wheel, fence, trees, tree, rock wall, illustration, art, lyrics, picnic, well, grassy, grass, view, sunset, sunrise, sunny, day, daylight, Rankin family, Kamloops, BC, B.C. British Columbia, Canada, William McAusland, illustrator, artist, freelancer, hills, Sahali, Pine View Valley, shrub, bush, books, homework, knee injury

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