Role Playing Game related

Attack-X Kamloops wargaming and RPG convention that I attend every year

Classic Dungeon Crawl art Folio of William McAusland $9.99 published by Goodman Games

Q-workshop : The most amazing dice I've ever seen, order yours today:
CanGames gaming convention in Toronto

Victoria BC gaming convention:
Massive RPG site
Wizards of the Coast Publishers of Dungeons and Dragons

Gaming Podcasts
Spellburn: a Podcast about the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
Fear The Boot

Other Podcasts I enjoy
Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
Military History Podcast

Other Sites featuring William McAusland's work

my Deviant art site:

Useful Links for creative people

Publish and sell your own comics through

Excellent place to set up your own shop an sell POD items:

Fantasy and Sci-Fi digital art magazine and web site:

Spectrum, showcasing the best in genre art

excellent resource for artist seeking anatomy and pose reference:

Do it yourself indie publishing: or (amazon)
Fantasy Music online radio Radio Rivendell








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Copyright 2018 William McAusland. All rights reserved.

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