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Title: Parasite Mutant Client: Outland Arts
Medium: pencil and digital Published Product: Concept Art for The Mutant Epoch Expansion Rules published by Outland Arts

Copyright 2019 William McAusland. All rights reserved. contact the artist at wm@mcauslandstudios.com

Keywords: Parasite, mutant, deviated, deviant, freak, bald, cigar, smoking, claws, horned, character type, Survivalist, ruins, pot-apocalyptic, mutant, mutants, mutated, The Mutant Epoch, Role-Playing Game, Science fiction, SF, near future, warriors, shooter, scout, sniper, point guard, solider, trooper, armor, futuristic, future, dark future, after the bomb, junk, scrap, debris, ruined, devastation, far-future, deviated, Outland Arts, RPG, William McAusland, WM, Headset, assault rifle, bayonet, gear, outfit, adventure team, looter, loot, excavator, digger, android, clone, replicant, bio-replicant, robot, tabletop, independent RPG, indie-press, Outland System, adventure, tabletop, independent RPG, indie-press, sample, example, portfolio, preview, showing, show, present, style, freelance artist, commission, for hire, Kamloops gamer, Kamloops gaming, mccausland, ausland, osland, mckausland, mkausland, mcauslan, scott mcausland, books, fiction, story, stories, comic, comics, graphic novels, concept art,